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Best of the Week | Volume 3

Best of the Week! Volume 3. Featuring articles I’ve found interesting throughout the week, dug up for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

These are the best articles, posts, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.

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Twitter: @lifewithnikblog

Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? The number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck is increasing. According to Forbes, 49% of Americans expect to live paycheck to paycheck in the year 2020.

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Things I’d Tell Myself at 18 That I Now Know at 26
(Four Pillar Freedom)
Twitter: @4PillarFreedom

Here are a few things that I’d tell my 18-year-old self about money and life that I now know at 26.


Things Were Great…Until They Weren’t. Now What?
(Life and my Finances)
Twitter: @Iamfinances

My breathing, normal. My stride, in rhythm. And my pace, 8 minutes per mile. Things were going fantastic. I had…


To Roth or Not?
(Humble Dollar)
Twitter: @ClementsMoney

SHOULD YOU CONVERT your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Below, you’ll find five questions to help you decide. If you answer “yes” to the first three questions, you’re a good candidate for a Roth conversion. If you answer “yes” to all five questions, you’re an outstanding candidate.


Is an MBA Worth It for Software Engineers?
(Engineer Seeking FIRE)
Twitter: @EngSeekingFIRE

There are lots of varying opinions about the value of an MBA. They include lots of hype and misconceptions. In this post I want to provide my opinion about whether an MBA is worth it for Software Engineers. The short answer is “it depends” 🙂 For the long answer, you’ll have to read the full post.

5 Best Ways to Earn College Credit in High School
(The Wallet Wise Guy)
Twitter: @WalletWiseGuy

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The fact is, you can earn college credit in high school by taking courses that also count towards your high school diploma. It’s a 2-for-1 deal. Sweet!

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