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Best of the Week | Volume 1

Best of the Week! Volume 1. Featuring articles I’ve found interesting throughout the week, dug up for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

These are the best articles, posts, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.

Best of the Week, Volume 1, Starts now!

Diversification Insight

More Thoughts on the Worst Case Scenarios for Diversified Portfolios
(A Wealth of Common Sense)
Twitter: @awealthofcs

Last week I looked at some worst-case numbers for a 50/50 portfolio.

A handful of readers reached out and asked for some comparisons to other portfolios to be able to see how things look on a relative basis.

Side Hustling

Side Hustle #80: Pet Waste Removal (aka Pooper Scooper! $60-$80/hr)
(Budgets are Sexy)
Twitter: @budgetsaresexy

Morning! Welcome to another edition of our Side Hustle Series! 🙂 Phil from stops by the blog today to share his lucrative side business of cleaning out poop from peoples’ yards for money! Something I didn’t even know existed five minutes ago, haha…But with little overhead and no advanced degree required, it might just be the perfect little gig for anyone needing some extra money these days! Let me know if any of you end up trying it!

Property Taxes

How to Do a DIY Property Tax Appeal and Lower Your Taxes
(Money Smart Fam)
Twiiter: @moneysmartfam

Doing a DIY Property Tax Appeal is not something many homeowners think about. But, if you own a home or are getting ready to buy one, you should consider what you will pay in property taxes.

Money & Freedom

Freedom Is Way More Valuable Than Money: Quarantine Edition Review
(Financial Samurai)
Twiter: @financialsamura

If you have money, but have no freedom, you might as well burn your piles of cash or try and bribe your way out of prison! As someone who has spent most of his time at home since 2012, you would think that I’d be much more accepting of a lockdown. Instead, I started getting pissed off after the fourth week.

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